Ha Kieu Anh and Giang My all white all gorgeous

Ha Kieu Anh - Giang My travel Bentley Arnage

Ha Kieu Anh (Miss Vietnam 1992) and Giang My (Miss Hung Kings Temple 1992) took a luxury car Bentley Arnage to attend the tea party held in Ho Chi Minh city on December 2,2019.
Ha Kieu Anh all white outfit
Mrs Kieu Anh wore all white outfit when she came to congratulate her close brother, businessman Duong Quoc Nam, on opening a new high-end furniture store.
Ha Kieu Anh ft Giang My street style
As soon as she got off the car, Ha Kieu Anh met Giang My at the parking lot. Mrs Giang My also rides a super luxury car Bentley Arnage like Miss Vietnam 1992. This is a classic car designed by the British luxury car company, present in Vietnam for the first time since 2008.
The price of each Bentley Arnage in Vietnam is about $55,000 to $65,000 , depending on the model of the car.
Ha Kieu Anh ft Giang My
While Kieu Anh wore a cocktail dress that flatters her curves, Giang My wore an oversized suit combined with branded pearl jewelry.
Giang My and Ha Kieu Anh have been close friends for many years. They played together in a group of famous beauties from the 1990s including Diem My, Vu Cam Nhung, Thuy Huong, Thanh Mai.
Ha Kieu Anh and her brother
Ha Kieu Anh and Giang My all have close relationships with businessman Duong Quoc Nam and are often present at events organized by him.
Ha Kieu Anh was very interested in the high-class furniture displayed at the tea party.

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