Huong Pham publicly gave birth to his second child in the United States

Huong Pham - Miss Universe 2015

This morning, September 4, Pham Huong suddenly posted a picture of the baby’s hand on Instagram. Hai Phong beauty wrote “My Apollo” (My Apollo). Just below the post, Pham Huong’s close friend wrote, “My Apollo, welcome to this world.”
Huong Pham - mom of 2
Immediately, many followers said that Pham Huong publicly gave birth to his second child in the United States on his 30th birthday. Apollo may be the home name given to Pham Huong’s second son because his first son was called Maximus. Her son, “My Maximus,” received a special highlight on his 9x beauty Instagram.
Since coming to the US to give birth, Pham Huong has been more secretive than before. She hardly shares her love story with her overseas Vietnamese husband. But the beauty from Hai Phong is not afraid to post pictures of her son and life in the US.
Pham Huong said that since becoming a mother, her life has changed a lot. She confided: “Being a mother has changed my life. Since having children, I have lived a slower, more peaceful life, enjoying time with my family. I don’t mean to hide from the audience, I just didn’t like using life before. to attract attention. Now is the right time for me to share about her with everyone.”

Pham Huong came to the US in 2018 with the reason that she stated at that time that she wanted to temporarily leave showbiz, live a simple life as well as to treat thyroid disease. In December 2019, she confirmed the birth of her first son.

Talking about the plan to return to showbiz, Pham Huong once shared: “I think showbiz is enough for me. I just want to experience a simple, simple life. Maybe less people know, less fans or maybe even less fans. maybe people will forget about me. But in return, I am free to do what I like without being limited or bound by two title words.”

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