Thuy Tien crowned Miss Grand International 2021

Thuy Tien said that she should be the new lady because, as Mr. Nawat said, they are looking for a girl who is ready to work. She is going to be the Miss Grand in 2021 and has already learned Thai and has been in Thailand for 1 year. Complete her mission.

Miss Grand International - Thuy Tien

Thuy Tien answered her behavioral questions: “If I have to choose someone to talk to, I would like to thank the lady who invented the AstraZeneca vaccine. She does not need to get money from her invention, which I am grateful for. Sometimes you just need to Work without caring about what you get.”

Crowning moment of Miss Grand 2021
Congratulations to Nguyễn Thúc Thuỳ Tiên – Miss Grand International 2021!