Can’t take my eyes off the street style of Tieu Vy

Tieu Vy aims at the youthful and trendy image of IT Girls after two years of being crowned Miss Vietnam.

Tieu Vy said that the dress she is wearing costs only about one million dong, but it is very respectful and suitable for her style. The beauty invests in both domestic brands and designer clothes.


Tieu Vy mixes Celine sportswear with a faux leather jacket while drinking coffee in Saigon. When going to events, Miss often chooses a safe style with evening dresses or cocktail dresses. In real life, beautiful people wear according to their personal preferences and remind their own stylist – Pham Bao Luan – to give additional suggestions.

She wears a minimalist T-shirt and shorts with a Louis Vuitton logo print.
She wears a T-shirt and shorts with a minimalist form, with the signature logo of Louis Vuitton fashion house.

Tieu Vy shows off her street style “beautiful in white” , Louis Vuitton sneakers as a highlight. Miss’s wardrobe has dominant black and white tones.

LV white street style

Sports style continues to be applied by her in intimate events, meeting friends.
She wears a sporty style in intimate events, meeting friends.

She shows her aesthetic taste when mixing dusty, dark-tone designs such as leggings, leather jackets, turtleneck boots, bucket hats or crossbody bags.

Tieu Vy often wears smooth fabric, limited attachment but still exudes a sexy look with cut-outs at the shoulders, neckā€¦
Crop-top, wide-leg pants help the 21-year-old girl flatter her slim waist. To increase the style, she coordinated a lemon yellow crossbody bag and followed the “bad shoe” fashion. She wishes to become a beloved fashionista, inspiring fashion for girls her age.

The beauty was praised after losing weight, sunbathing to have healthy brown skin. She worked hard at the gym, practiced dancing to wear tight clothes.
She followed the fashion of wearing a bra-top and shorts while on vacation this summer.

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